Congratulations, you made it this far in your life!

Now it is time to go further, so for some that may be discovering your purpose, for another it may be pursuing a dream you once had and still another it may be conquering your fears.

No matter the aspiration or challenge, your destiny must be lived out for you to achieve total fulfillment in your life.

The world is waiting for you to show up and play your part…we’re excited to see what you will contribute…

So come on….let’s get started!!!


PRECISION PURPOSE: Enjoying The Signature Life You Were Born To Live!

Precision Purpose_book cover art


“Discover your unique purpose by gaining an acute awareness of your gifting’s which often times serve as an indicator to your purpose. Learning the importance of self image and how to build good self-esteem, how to set and meet goals as a visionary leader to effectively navigate the way to your respective divine-destiny that you may achieve Signature Living!”

Inspirational author, speaker and certified professional life coach Osazee O. Thompson debuted his personal empowerment book “PRECISION PURPOSE: Enjoying The Signature Life You Were Born To Live!”  on March 22, 2014.

This book he has written is targeted at readers of all ages who desire to discover their purpose and to make an impact in their world. It serves as a source of empowerment for those who desire to get total fulfillment and enjoyment out of life, those who celebrate their gifting’s, those who desire to move further ahead in life and those who have big goals and need insight on how to achieve those goals. Unfortunately, many people in our society today suffer from low self-esteem and poor self image, Osazee says, “no one can truly fulfill their purpose or reached their destiny without first possessing the correct image of themselves and possessing the correct image of oneself first begins with that person’s thinking.”  This book serves as a solution and a guide to signature living……221 pages of Faith, Enlightenment and Empowerment!

Osazee is dedicated to working to create positive change and see purposes fulfilled in the lives of the people he serves, as founder and Principal consultant of Precision Purpose Training, LLC, a professional training, coaching and consulting services business. He is also founder and Executive Director of The International School of Purpose, a training and mentoring organization that positively redirects the life of teens and young adults to discover their purpose, live their dreams and reach their God-ordained destiny.

Osazee is a graduate of the Joseph Business School and received his Life Coaching certification from the Youth and Family Guidance Institute. He has written several publications, to include Why Me: Discovering My Purpose (2012), an engaging and comprehensive book that assists people in the discovery of their unique purpose; Leadership: Properties You Should Possess (2012), a powerful leadership guide that outlines essential key tenets to being an effective, impactful leader; Master Business Plan Template (2010), a resource manual that walks the reader through to completion of a well thought-out business plan.

All his efforts are aimed at enhancing the development and growth of all he serves.

For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact destiny@osazeethompson.com


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